How to start elearning in your company?

Q&A from a legislation standpoint

OSH and fire protection training is mandatory for all employees, regardless of whether they work on a permanent/part-time contract or work by agreement (temporary workers).

  • Record books must be registered (kept) in an authorised training center.
  • The record book must be up-to-date according to the applicable legislation. The Authorised Legal Person, which has issued the License for Education and Training of Employees in the form of e-learning is responsible for the record book.
Yes, the National Labor Inspectorate of the Slovak Republic issues a specific Authorization for Education and Training of Employees and Managers in the Field of Health and Safety in the form of e-learning, each provider/training center have to own this Authorization.
No, but the provider is obliged to prepare the e-learning course so that the course meets all the requirements of Act of SR No. 314/2001 Coll. and Decree 121/2002 Coll.

Yes, our company owns an Authorization for training and education (No. VVZ-0478 / 07-01.1), also in the form of e-learning. We guarantee that our e-learning courses meet all demands.

Q&A from a technical standpoint

Each participant can choose his/her own pace. If the participant is not able to complete the course due to time reasons, he/she will save the course via the “End activity” button and then he/she can return at any time. The minimum time limit for individual pages of the course is 5 seconds.

Yes, there is a lot of ways to help you with the application or other questions. It is possible to contact us via live chat. You can also contact our e-learning administrators stated in the contacts page or directly at

We process personal data for educational purposes, data are processed in compliance with the the Personal Data Protection Act No. 18/2018 Coll. Processed data: name, surname, title, e-mail address, signature, city (in which the training is carried out), job classification, name of employer, IP address, cookies. You can see the GDPR document here. You can see the GDPR document here.